For a new solution in refrigerated transport... think inside the box.

These refrigerated boxes, designed for the Food Industry, vary in sizes to fit most vans.
PolarBox Bodies
We can supply new and used box bodies for any temperatures; chilled, frozen and deep frozen. We can supply multi-compartment bodies to suit your operation.

PolarBox bodies can be made to suit all your refrigerated vehicle requirement. To find out more CLICK HERE
This needs to be moved up too so all the adverts are at the bottom. Pu this section under PolarBox section please: Coldstores We can supply new and used coldstores of any size. Coldstores are available for chilled, frozen and deep frozen temperatures. Contact us with the size of coldstore you need and the temperature you need to maintain.   CLICK HERE
Cool Boxes
We can supply a wide variety of cool boxes. Front opening and top opening to suit most vans and trucks. To maintain chilled or frozen temperatures for up to 24 hours with Eutectic plates, A virtually maintenance free alternative to a refrigerated compartment. To find out more CLICK HERE

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